Hut House

Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii
Design Architect:  Johnston Marklee
Contractor:  Paradise Pacific Homes
Photographer:  Eric Staudenmaier
Completion Date:  March 2015
Lot Size:  130,673 sq. ft. (3 acres)
Building Area:  3,823 sq. ft. (Enclosed), 7,563 sq. ft. (Overall)

After years of owning a small house retreat on the tropical North Shore of Kauai, a 3-acre hilltop site near Kalihiwai Bay was acquired with the intent of creating a residence that complimented the powerful landscape and history of the island, and the contemporary aesthetic interests of the Owner and Architect.
The Owner desired to build a residence where she would move to fully embrace the land, natural climate, Hawaiian traditions, as well as her passions of art and music.
A closely collaborative process between the Owner and Architect resulted in 2 years of intensive design research and time on the site to develop the form and function of the house that is a reflection of the Client’s desired lifestyle and new architectural approaches to indoor/outdoor living.